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The rise of incivility and how to manage it

Posted on February 14, 2020 at 3:09 PM

What happened to people being nice to one another?  It seems as if there isn’t a kind word to be heard.  What has happened or changed that has caused this to occur.  I have a few thoughts.

Children are being raised without much of any discipline.  They are no longer respectful of their parents or elders and certainly don’t shy away from telling their parents what they are and aren’t going to do.  Unfortunately parents allow this behavior.  We are seeing the fruits of that type of parenting now in the workforce where these young adults feel like they really don’t have to carry out the mission of the company unless it is on their terms.

The isolationism of individuals also seems to be a factor.  People can pretty much stay in one place and not have to interact with others.  Companies offer home delivery on groceries, fast food, and almost any other type of product by Amazon or other huge businesses.  Why bother with people?

The media isn’t helping either.  We now have news 24/7 and it is no longer news.  Each station has politicized the facts to suit their narrative and followers, on each side, listen to the station that agrees with their views.  The divide between the political parties grows ever more tense.  Conversations frequently end up in a shouting match or violence.

I also think that social media has proved to be a mixed blessing.  Yes, it is really nice to connect with friends and see what everyone is up to.  But the downside is that many comments that pop up are from friends of friends, whom you have never met and have absolutely no clue who they are.  The anonymity is what is giving them cover.  The hatred and name calling from grown adults is unsettling. 
So how can you manage this negativity?

1.        If you are raising children, take a good hard look at how you are teaching your children.  Expect respect from them.  Give them opportunities to grow and also to fail.  They will learn from failure.  We did!

2.       Get out and meet people.  Don’t be a hermit.  Everyone is struggling to make it through their day and you have no idea what they are going through.  You would be surprised how just a smile or a pleasant gesture will go in a person’s life.  It isn’t always about you.

3.       Take a news hiatus for a few days and see how you feel.  It is all a daily political soap opera so don’t get caught up in the hate and discontent. 

4.       Get outdoors and look at the beauty of nature.  Take a walk, look at the flowers, listen to some soothing music.

5.       If you have social media accounts, perhaps it is time to unfriend those that are nothing but negative.  Settings can be changed as well as to who receives your posts.  The world doesn’t need to see what you are thinking; perhaps only those close to you whom you trust need to see what you have to share.

Life is too short to have incivility a way of life.  Your mental health depends on it.
Until next time,

Stay well, stay healthy, stay focused.

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